To all Maotsujun-loving people out there ~

Yes, its confirmed, Mao-chan will be guesting on Arashi no Shukudai-kun!

First Himitsu, now this?? *dies happily*



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This little blog of mine had its first birthday eight days ago and I totally forgot about it! Shame on me, really~

Well, better late than never…


Otanjoubi Omedettou~!!!

for bearing all my stupid rants, my shameless fangirling, my uncivilized cursing, my constant i-want-to-rape-hot-JE-guys blabbing, and other whatnots, I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart<3

To the wonderful people I’ve met here on WordPress, I will treasure you forever~ I never thought I’d find friends like you here, again thank you so much!

Tashiichaan~ remember that e-mail I sent you like a billion years ago? XD You totally inspired me to start my own blog, if I hadn’t found that link of that post of yours about Jun’s rumored girlfriends on Friendster, I wouldn’t have met you~ Hope we can chat more and hopefully meet you in person tooXD

Jetlyn~ the first one who commented on my blog! Girl, where are you? I miss seeing you here on WP~

Ace-nee~ the second person who commented on my blog! I miss you Ace-nee…Haven’t been visiting your blog for some time now. I just wanna say ‘arigatou’ for everything you’ve done, for the Sho shop photos you gave me last Christmas, for letting me have the uchiwa of Sho that you were gonna buy, for teaching me how to use softsubs, and for the pieces of advice that you gave, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!

Oreiji~ you made me loveeeeee Juntoshi even more<333 Lol, I remember when we spammed one of your posts with crack comments about Juntoshi-Ohmiya love…square? Haha, that was chou funXD

Vero-chan~ The first American fangirl I met! Thanks to you, you got me hooked on NewS and now Big Bang~ XD Lol, I’ll just say this once, Koyama is sexier than Sho, just once okay? XD Thanks for the Christmas card with Yabu’s pic! I promise I’ll kidnap Koyama for you ^^) Hope you can read this too~

Maiba~ Lol, I was really suprised when I found out na Pinay ka pala! Haha, gomenXD Naniwala na lang ako nung nagTagalog ka sa isang comment mo sa kin~ Nice to have met you! XD

Emirichan~ Well, we really haven’t chatted much, but I wish we did, together with Joana and Juliane tooXD Nice to have met you~

Joana-chan~ Girl, ano na? Yung deal natin? Haha, we’re both busy kasi ehh. We can’t spam My Sekai tuloy~ Goodluck ahh, senior ka na. Me? I’m still going gaga over MaotsujunXDD Hope we can meet again~

Juliane~ Hello there! Lol, hope we can chat more~

And to all the people who took the time to visit my blog, I deeply appreciate each and every one of you. I hope I didn’t offend anyone of you with my posts, and if so, I’m deeply sorry for it~

As they say, all things must come  to an end…so I guess that goes the same for me too~ I’ve decided to move to Livejournal, for some various reasons. But I’ll definitely will not abandon this little one, I’ll still update if its something really important. But in the meantime, I’ll be blogging more on LJ~

Do forgive the cheesiness and overly dramatic contents of this post…

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Why the perviest? Well, there’s LOTS and LOTS of booby action, there’s rape, some more booby action, and more rape…yeahXD

This post is not for children under 17! Repeat, this post is not for children under 17!

I’m only 16 by the way

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OMFG! Jun just spoke some friggin’ Tagalog~

Thanks Kat-nee for the info~

Every Arashi-deprived Filipino fangirl must be soooo head-over-heels flailing right now~ HINDI AKO KAYO! Lol, almost a perfect Filipino sing-song accentXDD To those who want to know what that means, it’s: NOT ME, THEM! or NOT ME, BUT THEM! or it could also mean I’m not like you all! Lol, wtf, I suck at Tagalog, really~

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To dearest Miura-kun~

I almost forgot to greet this HAWT platinum-haired dude a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!




You made us all swoon over your awesomeness XD And I will never ever forget how i flailed over your Koizora character Sakurai Hiro! And how I totally loved your blond streaks as Gokusen’s Kazama Ren<333

*is off to watch 14sai no Haha*

Ja ne~

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I just finished watching last Monday’s Arashi no Shukudai-kun on streaming, I would have downloaded it but I’m dl-ing Ultra Strong Game right now, and I wanna finish it as quickly as possible, so yeah…streamingXD

Why EPIC SHO FAIL? See for yourselves then~

See? I told you it was Epic Sho failXD But he look soooooooooooooo hawt there ne?!?! *rapes monitor*

Vid is NOT MINE!!!

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This is so heart warming~

I know that ya’ll have heard about HiroxAyaka getting hitched, right? At first, I didn’ t mind the news coz I’m not really a big fan of Mizushima Hiro nor of Ayaka, but their story is just oh so heart warming and I want to cry~ Oh Hiro, if only all the guys were like you *points at someone…someone who kinda looks like Hiro-sama* MIZUSHIMA HIRO-SAMA, I salute you man!!!


*cries* Isn’t it heart warming? And to all the people who’s been bashing poor Ayaka, screw you all~

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